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Products / Services:

HardHead Technologies specialize in trading Bonny Light Crude Oil, 
Qua Iboe crude oil, Jet Fuel (Fuels) and Petroleum with a minimum of 1 million barrels per month for purchase. HHT has established best prices for their clients and "do not" practice price quotes to non performing clients.

Oil Products:
Bonny Light Crude Oil (BLCO)
Quantity Minimum: 1 million barrels x 12 months.

2. Qua Iboe Crude Oil
Quantity Minimum: 1 million barrels x 12 months.

Petroleum Products:
1. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
Quanity Minimum: 50000 MT x 12 months.

2. Diesel  - (D2 / Diesel2)
Quantity Minimum: 50000 MT x 12 months.
3. Jet Fuel - (JP54, )
Quantity Minimum: 1 million barrels x 12 months.
4. Bitumen - (grade 60/70, )
Quantity Minimum:  2000 mt per month x 12 months.

5. Mazut  -  (M100,
Quanity Minimum: M100 GOST 10585-99. Approx 100000 MT x 12 month.
                            M100 GOST 10585-75. Approx 100000 MT x 12 month.

             Fuels and Lubricants:

1. Av Gas                                                          7. Fuel Additives  
2. Biodiesel                                                       8. Fuel Catalysts
3. Diesel                                                            9. Gasoline
4. Diesel Exhaust Fluid                                    10. Jet Fuel
5. Ethanol                                                           11. Kerosene
6. E 85

Unleaded                                                           Low Sulfur Diesel
Midgrade                                                           Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel
Super                                                                  Dyed High Sulfur Diesel
Other                                                                   Dyed Low Sulfur Diesel
Oil / Lubes - Bulk                                             Oil / Lubes - Packaged

Natural Gas & Natural Gas Liquids:
1. Natural Gas
2. Natural Gas Liquids

Rock Phosphate P205:
1. Rock Phosphate P205 (Min 32% and above)
Quantity Minimum: 10,000 MT per month x 12 months. 

Other Products:
1. Information Technology Products & Services
2. Industrial Products & Commodities

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HardHead Technologies is known for their technology software worldwide, but do you know about their Raw Commodity buying and selling (Trading) worldwide. 


Allow us to transact your commodities worldwide at a great price and with excellent professional support.

* Crude Oil                 * Natural Gas                  * Gasoline

* Heating Oil              * Gold                               * Silver

* Copper 




Worldwide Commodities & International Trading


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