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                                            Frequently Asked Questions

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Below are some of our frequently asked questions:
Q: Where does your traffic come from?
A: Our traffic comes from 10 different servers, technology partners / affiliates, our large network of websites and as we receive visitors, we redirect them to your site.
Q: How long will it take for me to receive my traffic?
A: Traffic campaigns start within 24 hours of payment and can take 7-30 days to finish, depending on the amount of traffic you bought.
Q: Will your traffic get me banned from Search Engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing?
A: No, our traffic is 100% legitimate, and will not get you banned from any Search Engine Service.
Q: Is your traffic guaranteed?
A: Yes, our traffic is 100% guaranteed. If you don't receive the traffic you paid for, then we will issue you a refund. Q: Is your traffic "real" people, or do you use bots and spam like most other services?
A: Our traffic is 100% real people, and we don't use bots or spam to generate traffic to your website

Q: How do I know I am receiving the traffic I paid for?
A: We do not offer tracking for our traffic, but you can use google analytics or awstats to track the traffic. There are a lot of "free" traffic tracking services that are available. 

Q: Why should I order traffic from HardHeadTechnologies.com? A: Because HardHeadTechnologies.com offers real, quality visitors at extremely affordable prices. We offer traffic that works, and our customers love us for it and they keep coming back every month!

Q: What if I pay by E-check, How long will it take to start my services or traffic?  A: E-check takes
3 to 5 days to process which will delay your order immediately. Bank account and credit cards process payments immediately. Therefore, your services (products are shipped and / or ) start within 4 to 6 hours of credit card payment being received.


Q: Why should I invest with HardHead Technologies? 
A: HardHead Technologies is growing consistenly and is becoming the next $100 Million Dollar Company.

Q: Do HardHead Technologies report your interest or payments to the Taxing Entities?
A: You are responsible for reporting any earn income from this private investment which is your sole responsibility.

Q: How will I (client) receive my check or payment on interest?
A: You (client) will receive your payment / check as agreed upon by mail to your p.o. box or mailing address you selected on your sign up form.

Q: When will my interest be paid? 
A: The investor interest will be paid according to the contract you signed and agreed to
(quarterly, semi annually and annually).

Q: Can I double my money with HardHead Technologies? 
A: This option may exist with several factors relating to your early investment in the company. You may double your money if the company go public or transact a merger. 

Q: Can I become a partner with HardHead Technologies? 
A: You may become a partner with us once you have completed an investment with us and you have
been verified / approved internally.

Shipping Questions:

Q: When will my products or services be shipped to me?
A: Your products will be shipped within 5 to 7 days of payment received (sometimes faster).
Q: What about on holidays and weekends?
A: Orders will be processed during normal Monday thru Friday (Central Standard Time (C.S.T.) business days and shipped after 4 business days.
Q: Where do I send my modem equipment, wireless products or returns?
A:  Please send your return equipment to: P.O.Box 486 - DeSoto, Texas 75123.

*If you do not see the answer to your question, simply email us on the "Contact Us" form with your questions and you will receive a response within 24 hours.  









          Frequently Asked Questions


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