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HHT Wireless (Home / Apt / Biz) Internet
                         From $29.99 A Month.
(Limited Online Special Only)
                          USA  *   MEXICO  *   CANADA
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   No Contract Required / No Credit Check / No Hassle - Prepaid 
      Dallas * Collin * Ellis * Rockwall * Tarrant * Harris - Counties.
(97% Coverage in the United States)      

*ATTENTION: Teachers, Parents and Students HHT Wireless has partnered with School Districts to provide affordable "Home Wireless Internet" at affordable prices! Take advantage...  

HardHead Technologies ISP is your source for Wireless Internet Broadband Connectivity. Customers can expect to receive broadband internet connections in most areas of the US.

Connections to the internet are made wirelessly, using a small modem and the world class HHT Wireless Broadband 3G/4G network. Download speeds for HHT Wireless 4G: 4 to 6 Mbps or faster.

Service levels come in variety of data plans, ranging from 1.5GB per month to 10GB per month. Prices start at $29.99 per month.
(No Setup Charges and
No Long Term Contract Required).

No Contract is Required. You may deactivate your account within 3 months "With" a penalty of $100.00.  And, you do "Not" need to agree to 1 or 2 years of service to get started. Service Levels below.

 H.H.T. Wireless comes with several data plans:


Limit (With Compression)   


Over                                                 Limit                          

(1.) 500 MB 1.5-2 GB* $29.99 $0.025/MB (Best for basic browsing & internet surfing).         
(2.) 2 GB 6-8 GB* $49.99 $0.02/MB (Best for Browsing, Streaming Netflix or Roku).
(3.) 5 GB 15-20 GB* $99.99 $0.02/MB (Best for Limited Gaming - PSP / Xbox & Office Biz).
(4.) 10 GB 30-40 GB* $159.99 $0.02/MB (Best for Everything & Biz).

Each account includes our proprietary data compression system, which allows us to offer high traffic levels at reasonable prices. Each account also can have up to 3 email addresses at our domain
(for example:
Sign Up Now and receive today great price or call us today at 1-888-330-1904 for more information about getting started.

Payment: Due on the 1st of every month. HHT Wireless Customers will receive an invoice by email on the 25th of each month in order that you may make your payment on the first of each month.
If you sign up in the middle of the month, your payment may be pro-rated for timely billing. Customer may pay by Paypal, Credit Cards / Debit Cards and Discover Card. No checks will be accepted at this time.

Customer agree to return all equipment within 5 days by U.S. Mail for non payment, disconnection of services or if account is terminated by HHT Wireless for non payment.

*Please make sure that you click on the right "Option" for your data plan 1 thru 4. Modem equipment is included with your monthly price. Purchasing additional  modem equipment is not necessary, but may be listed below. Shipping and Handling may be included with the total payment (while supplies last). Your monthly amount will stay the same month after month.

Terms may be modified, changed or altered with / without notice to clients. Comeback to the website for
any updates that may affect you. Customer is bound by binding arbitration (AAA) if a problem can not be resolved after a dispute arises within 10 days. Customer agree to be bound by these terms by making payment purchase below for services or by paying invoice.

HHT Wireless Data Plans

         Mobile / Cell Phone Users Sign up Here:

Step 1. Select Option (1) or (2) -  Wireless Data Plans. 

Option 1. (29.99) - Send Total $39.72 (Includes equipment, mo. fee, shipping & handling).

Option 2.
(49.99) - Send Total $63.10 (Includes equipment, mo. fee, shipping & handling).

Step 2. Make payment by 
going to: www.paypal.com, click on the send money button  and send your payment amount to Email: hht@earth-comm.com.  with your shipping address.
*You may use Credit Card, Prepaid Card or Debit Card for purchase and monthly billing.   

*Compression level varies with type of material being downloaded. It is most effective on webpages. Only your uncompressed download limit is guaranteed.

Download Speeds:  4.0  to 6.0 Mbps. 

Upload Speeds: 4.4 to 4.5 Mbps.
                         3 SIMPLE STEPS TO SIGN UP      
1. Select Desired Plan.                         2. Make Monthly Payment.
                3. Wait For Shipment To Arrive Within 5 days or sooner.  
                            *EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE 

*Please include your mailing address for your Internet Modem and Wireless Instructions.  Your Wireless Products will be shipped within 5 days or sooner in most cases.

Usage According To Plan - There is a limit to how much Internet data you can use!

  • Fast & Reliable Service - State of the art equipment gets you the fastest speeds!
  • Credit Card / Prepaid or Debit Card Required - No need for a credit card when you signup!
  • No Contracts - You sign no long-term contracts when you signup!
  • No setup Fees - No hidden fees, or extra costs for signing up with us!
  • No Credit Check - No Credit Checks under any circumstances!
  • Free Unlimited Tech Support - As much help as you need, and never pay for it!
  • 100% American support Staff - Totally in-house, U.S. based support staff!
  • Toll Free Number - A toll-free number so you don't have to pay long-distance!
  • Nationwide Coverage - We cover over 97% of the United States!
  • Over 97% Coverage of The USA - Chances are, we are in your neigborhood!
  • No Busy Signals - Busy Signals are a thing of the past, always get connected!
  • E-mail Addresses -  Create 3 emails!
  • Free Web Mail Access - Access your e-mail from anywhere on the web!
  • Free E-mail Spam/Virus Protection - Highly advanced spam & virus protection!
  • 100% Privacy Policy - We do not share or sell your information to anyone  
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